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David and LanceWe're Here!

Design Systems Ltd. will be at CEDIA Expo 2005 in Indianapolis, September 7-11, for professional-level training, and to see the very latest new products and technology in the custom electronics industry.


David Williams (far left) and Lance Crabbe arrived in Indianapolis on Tuesday for CEDIA Expo 2005. Both Wednesday and Thursday were filled with educational classes designed to keep Design Systems up-to-date. The Expo floor opens Friday, where Lance and David expect to see and evaluate lots of great new products.


The first new product photos from CEDIA Expo 2005 will be posted by 5 PM (Honolulu time) on Saturday, September 10. Please check back so we can share some highlights of the industry's #1 trade show with you!

Lutron AwardNEWS FLASH!

Design Systems Ltd. receives award for the "Best Documented" System in the Nation from Lutron!

Lutron Logo

Expo Floor Entrance09/09/05
On With the Show!

The CEDIA Expo and Conference Show Floor opened at 10 AM Friday to an eager crowd waiting to get in the see the newest, latest, and greatest products.


Stewart FilmscreenStewart Filmscreen introduced the Cinecurve Screen to replicate the wider 2.35 to 1 cinema aspect ratio. This wider screen format is what most movies are shot in today. Runco has a new lineup of projectors that are capable of projecting a widescreen 2.35 to 1 image with full resolution as well as a 16:9 HDTV aspect ratio without having black bars above and below the picture when viewing 2.35 cinema-type movies.


Boston Acoustics SubWooferBoston Acoustics introduced a subwoofer for backyard outdoor installations. No longer do you have to sacrifice great, full-range sound when you are aoutide!


Boston Acoustics SubWoofer The Boston Acoustics subwoofer can be mounted overhead, under outdoor benches, or even in the ground.


AudioAccess iPod DockiPod integration with whole-house music systems is HOT! This AudioAccess iPod dock allows integration of the iPod with an AudioAccess Central Music System. With an AudioAccess touchscreen located in a remote room, one can control the iPod and view what song is playing. Or with an optional IP control module, the iPod can be controlled from a laptop or handheld portable device with a browser.


AudioAccess TouchscreenThe AudioAccess iPod screen shows iPod information and allows control on an AudioAccess touchscreen.


AudioAccess Controls on MonitorThe AudioAccess IP Module provides control and information on a computer monitor via an IP connection to the AudioAccess Central Music System.


AudioAccess WHEN ReceiverThis is the AudioAccess WHEN. It's a new integrated surround receiver and 6-zone central music controller.


AudioAccess KeypadThis is the keypad used with the AudioAccess WHEN Central Music System.

Crestron Touchscreen09/10/05

The new Crestron TPS-4L is a wall-mounted 3.6" color touchscreen with 5 backlit buttons on wither side of the touchscreen. System communication is via ethernet or Crestnet — more and more devices are being shown with ethernet communication connections.


Crestron iPod IntegrationiPod integration with an entertainment system is everywhere at this show. There seem to be a couple of different philosophies in how to implememt iPod integration. Crestron's approach is to use the standard Apple iPod dock which then connects to an interface "black box" and integrates with a Crestron system.

Here we see an iPod in its standard dock, the Crestron interface black box, and a portion of the Crestron user interface on one of their touchscreens.


Crestron Black BoxThis is a closer view of the Crestron interface "black box". Connection to your audio distribution system is via a standard audio interconnect, or balanced audio over CAT5 wire. The control and data connection is via ethernet.


iPod DockHere is a close-up of a standard iPod and Apple iPod dock.


iPod Controls on Crestron TouchscreenHere is a better view of the user interface of a Crestron touchscreen — the user experience on the touchscreen is very much like using an iPod. The name of the iPod shows up on the touchscreen, as well as all the data information as you would see it on the iPod itself.


Crestron Adagio1The Crestron Adagio1 is a new, moderately priced, all-in-one-box, 6-room music system. A single gang audio keypad and double gang LCD display keypad are the 2 keypad choices that work out-of-the-box with NO programming.

The Adagio music system is also a complete Crestron control system — with additional programming, it can interface with HVAC thermostats, lighting control systems, etc. A built-in web server allows remote maintainance and control over IP from computers and PDA devices. This system is very competively priced at about $2600.


Universal Remote MX950The MX950 is a new form factor remote from Universal Remote Control that is slimmer than previous one-handed styles. It offers improved labeling capabilities on the upper LCD display with selectable backlight colors for different sources to provide quick, clear confirmation of which source you are controlling.


Universal Remote TX1000The TX1000 is a new form factor remote from Universal Remote Control. The tabletop style has larger buttons, plus a larger LCD display to allow larger text.

McIntosh Ultimate System09/11/05

McIntosh showed their ultimate system! The cost is $182000 — and the sound is UNBELIEVABLE! This system includes their new speakers which combine extraordinary detail with incredible power handling.


McIntosh LoudspeakerHere is another view of the new McIntosh speaker giving you a better look at its multi-driver vertical array design — cost $80000 per pair.


Niles ICSThis is the new Niles ICS Music Distribution System with 8 source input capability for 6 rooms/zones with amplifiers built-in. Each source is enabled by the addition of an input card, whether it's a traditional analog card, and AM/FM tuner, or an iPod interface. Available control options are flexible and include hand-held and wall-mounted keypad choices.


Niles RemoteOne control choice for the new Niles ICS Music Distribution System is this hand-held remote. It is a moderately-priced, Radio Frequency remote that can show iPod text data information on the display.


Niles KeypadsHere are some keypad control choices for the new Niles ICS Music Distribution System. On the left is a single gang simple keypad — cost $200. In the center is a larger gang display keypad that shows control and song data information from an iPod — cost $400. At the far right is a larger color touchscreen which can display iPod song data information — cost $750.


Niles iPod Control ModuleHere is the iPod interface/control module for the new Niles ICS Music Distribution System. This system requires that the iPod be connected at the main equipment location. The iPod connects via a dock connector cable from a standard Apple dock to the Niles iPod interface module. This module is plugged into one of the module slots in the ICS Music Distribution System component.


Control4 iPod InterfaceControl4 showed this iPod interface. Control4's approach to integrating the iPod into their system is by connecting the iPod via a standard Apple dock via the USB 2.0 port to their Home Theater Controller, or other Control4 controller with a USB port. The music is then digitized and distributed via CAT to a main music distribution point. Music data information is not taken off the iPod. Control4 takes the ID tag off of the music and gets the data on the song from a database server.


Sonance iPortThis is the Sonance iPort in-wall dock shown mounted fulsh in a rack panel. The Sonance iPort brand has flexible ways to get an iPod into a music system — both in-wall and tabletop docks with IR extended control function, or RS232 control and bidirectional data information for control and feedback from the iPod in remote rooms.


Sonance iPortThe Sonance iPort tabletop dock for the iPod allows you to select the iPod to be controlled from remote locations, or synched to your computer without reconnecting cables.


Denon DVD Mini-systemThis Denon DVD mini-system includes an iPod interface and a great-sound speaker/subwoofer for 2.1 channel surround sound. It's ideal for a small, simple 1-room system, a bedroom, or a kid's room. Plug you iPod into the USB port on the front of this Denon system and you have an on-screen display of the iPod user interface, plus contol of the iPod.


Sharp 65" LCDLarge LCD flat-panel displays are finally here! Sharp introduced this 65" widescreen flat-panel LCD display. Picture quality is great, and this model will start shipping within the next 2 months at a price of $21000.


Mitsubishi 1080P Rear ProjectionMitsubishi was promoting this rear projection micro-display set with a high-resolution 1080P image engive. While there is currently no program material that can take full advantage of the resolution, the picture was great!


Sony VPLW100Sony introduced the VPLW100, a new video projector utilizing the same XSRD high-resolution technology as used in their rear projection GrandWega, but now in a front projection configuration. The picture had tremendous resolution and great detail. The cost is about $10000.


Sony LocationFree TVSony also introduced a new version of their 12.1" LocationFree TV. It features revised cosmetics, a smaller base station, and greater range (the TV can now be located farther from the base). This is a battery-powered display that gets it TV signal or DVD from the base station via a wireless WiFi signal.


Excient Music Management SystemEscient showed updated software (coming either this month or next) for all E-series Fireball Music Management Systems. The update includes:

• PDA user interface

• 16x9 widescreen interface or 4x3 interface on screen

• Customizable user interface skins

• Faster web interface

• No delay in playback between tracks

• WMA format audio playback

• Shoutcast internet audio

In addition, Escient introduced a hard-drive-only music server (no CD changer control) with an 80 GB dard drive for $1000.


ADA iHome MultiCenterThe ADA iHome MultiCenter is a high-end music server with iTunes synching and MediaCenterXP capabilities. Storage capacity is provided by two 200 GB or 400 GB hard drives. One mirrors the other, so your music is backed up. You can also have two of these in different rooms and ensure that both servers have the same music. Pricing starts at $7000.


Premier Mounts Swivel MountPremier Mounts introduced this new flat-panel swivel mount that is slimmer and provides cable management within the mount for a clean appearance when extended.


Triad Mini LCR SpeakerThe Triad Mini LCR speaker is available in in-ceiling, in-room, and in-wall versions. The in-ceiling version is approximately 12" square, and priced at $600 each. Great sound (as is always the case with Triad) and compact packaging will make this speaker system very popular.


Crestron AdagioThis is the Crestron Adagio MultiZone Music System, a 6-source, 6-room music distribution center with amplifiers for each channel and built-in AM/FM tuner. Control choices include the LCD display keypad with iPod interface capability via the scroll wheel (upper right), and a basic 12-button single gang keypad (upper left). The keypads don't require programming. Front panel features include custom labeling for rooms and music sources. This system is competitively priced at about $2600 for the system, and $260-600 for keypads. Available next March, this new music distribution system from Crestron is sure to be a winner!


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