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Consumer Electronics Show



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Aloha From Las VegasAloha From Las Vegas!

Design Systems Ltd. arrived in Las Vegas Wednesday evening, ready for the start of the 2005 International Consumer Electronics Show (the largest show of its kind in the world!). The weather in Las Vegas is cold, and rain is expected on Friday, Saturday AND Sunday — at least it's dry and comfortable inside the Las Vegas Convention Center...

NextGen Digital Home01/06/05

The NextGen Digital Home 05 features an HP MediaCenter PC with High-Definition capability, as Microsoft continues to push for the PC to be the center of a home's entertainment system. Panelists at a CES Knowledge Session, entitled CES 2010, agreed that technology will bring more choices, allowing consumers product options depending on their preferences, and there will be no ONE correct answer.


Panasonic Hi-Def ServerPrototype High-Definition hard drive servers abound at this year's CES — pictured here is one from Panasonic.


LG 71" Plasma TVLG Electroincs is now shipping their 71" plasma flat-panel TV at about $29900 — the same price as the 61" when it was introduced about 4 years ago. Flat-panel displays are everywhere, in every conceivable configuration.

Sonance iPort 01/07/05

The Sonance iPort (first seen at the CEDIA Expo show last September) is now shipping and will soon be available in black to match the iPod U2 edition. The iPort allows an iPod to be quickly and easily connect to a home's central music system by docking the iPod into a flush, wall-mounted iPort.


Samsung 102" Plasma PrototypeBigger and BIGGER seems to be the flat-panel mantra at this year's CES, as evidenced by this 102" Samsung plasma prototype.


Samsung 57" LCD TVLCD flat-panels are also being shown in ever-increasing sizes. This 57" LCD flat-panel from Samsung is the largest shown to date. No estimated shipping date yet.


LG 3D DisplayLG Electronics is one of several vendors showing a 3D display.


LutronMediaPCLutron introduced the LutronMediaPC, an interface to the Windows Media PC platform for its RadioRa wireless lighting control system.


Mike Ramsey of TiVoThis is Mike Ramsey, CEO of TiVo, a hard drive-based digital recorder service. He gave a talk to CES visitors explaining the vision of TiVo.

TiVo Presentation

TiVo made the announcement of the ability to take your TiVo recorded programs and put them on portable devices to be viewed outside of the home.


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