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Honolulu Magazine's "Best of Honolulu" Award


Honolulu Magazine's "Best of Honolulu"The Best Home Theaters!

Best Home Theater: Industry insiders tell us that Lance Crabbe's Design Systems Ltd. does the best home theater installations. Pretty high praise for a guy who's never even had a showroom in his 18 years of business. But then it's not Crabbe's style to stock a hundred TVs a la Circuit City.


"We work with our clients the way an interior designer would," says Crabbe. "We ask what they want out of a system, then we find the components that will do the job. It's safe to say that there isn't any piece of audio-video equipment we can't get." In houses and condos, with and without custom cabinetry, Crabbe has installed systems from $5000 to $15000, to extravagant set-ups at $150000 and up.


But Crabbe says his strongest suit, next to design, is service. "The way we see it, we're married to every installation we do." You may need to ask about a waiting list, however. When we reached him, Crabbe was booked through the spring. If you're serious about your movies, though, you'll probably want to wait.